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Fearless Faux / Magic Murals

Hello everyone, Debra here again. Welcome back to my "Coloring Book"

Below are some images of a mural I did that incorporates both Mural and Faux finishes. As and artist I want to share techniques with you on a monthly basis, a different project each month starting with a simple one color faux technique and gradually moving towards more innovative and complicated treatments. I may post only pictures of each step and later go into videos ( I admit, I just don't like to be in front of a camera but, yes, I will overcome that fear as well down the road ). I will alternate each month between faux finishes and murals unless the mural is something that requires series of steps that need more detailed instruction. I may post weekly or even daily at that point so you can benefit from the process at a better pace.

Today I am just going to post a couple of examples of what to expect which illustrate many of the techniques used in one project.

I chose to show the before picture of this bedroom and then sketched in with charcoal the mural. Next step was adding a sepia wash for value and placement. Painted in the sky color added a basic faux finish background, embellished with a broken faux stone wall and finally completed the mural surrounded by a faux stone window. The reason I chose this project for this post is because it encompasses so many of the elements of both faux and murals and how it changed a plain wall into "magical" Tuscany view. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey and I hope you fill your "Coloring Book" with many magical projects.

Before - Blank wall
Day 1 of Tuscany Mural

Day 8- Tuscany mural

Completed mural 2 weeks- Tuscany mural


 August 2022 

Coming soon!

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Artwork on City of Temecula Utility Boxes.



 METALLIC PLASTER by Modern Masters 


Metallic Plaster from Modern Masters was used to create this amazing finish in a circular stairwell.  It is a creamy consistancy that easily blends with tints to create shades and hues that meld into eachother for that one of a kind finish.



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