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When you think of how many times you are drawn to something such as wallpaper, fabric, greeting cards, home decor or anything at all you realize that the images, and designs are what you are seeking that brings out your personality and unique taste.  I have always been an observer of things around me and realized the patterns and designs in nature are endless and interpreting them either realistically, graphically, or impressionistically is how we see ourselves in nature.  As an artist I am always experimenting with mediums, colors, shapes, images to see where they can take me.  I have a love of all things nature.  You will find many images here that can be used on items ranging from art prints to wallpaper.  As a mural and faux artist many of my designs lend themselves to accent walls as marvelous murals and fabulous faux.  So welcome again to my coloring book and bring some of those ideas into your lives as well.


This collection is from an original oil painting I did and simplified the design as a pattern to be incorporated on various items. Click the link to my store. Saving wild mustangs is a passion of mine and with each purchase 10% will be donated to various Equestrian organizations that will benefit these amazing icons of beauty and freedom.


Sweet Butterflies designed by my 8 year old grand daughter Gwen. She did this amazing painting that lends itself to a magical place for children and adults.


Even in their graphic form butterflies evoke a sense of soft wild freedom. Beautiful for fabrics, as well as multiple industries including wall paper and stationery.

RED_ROSES_1 blk bkgrnd LAYERS sans signature copy

Luscious Red Rose Cluster on black background. One Offs and pattern designs for multiple industries.


Ancient Olives embody the essence of life, love and peace. Beautiful on light airy fabrics as well as upholstery fabric, wall paper and stationery.


Rose Cluster with gray background.

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