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Sculptured Mural

Recently I had the pleasure of creating a 7.5ft x 6.5 ft mural for my client's home. They wanted a woodland scene with bright fall foliage. I used drywall mud compound, both wet and dry mix. I also added some silk foliage and painted it to match the sculpted floiage. I clear coated it with Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish. A special Thank you to Bonnie for her talented advice.


 August 2022 

Coming soon!

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Artwork on City of Temecula Utility Boxes.



 METALLIC PLASTER by Modern Masters 


Metallic Plaster from Modern Masters was used to create this amazing finish in a circular stairwell.  It is a creamy consistancy that easily blends with tints to create shades and hues that meld into eachother for that one of a kind finish.



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