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New Year, New Art

Hello all,

It's a new year, 2018, WOW! Can't believe it. This year I've made a commitment to paint at least one painting a week. I tried to do one painting a day last year. That didn't pan out. I was behind by 3 weeks so I just said, OH WELL!.

I did 3 painting this year, yes- that's one a week, YAY! I am going to post them today and continue every week to post the next one. I would love your feed back and suggestions on what subjects you would like to see. I will be continuing the series of Vineyards of Temecula. I took some time off from doing those but do want to finish it this year. There are a lot of beautiful wineries in the Temecula Valley and I want to share them with you. Along with those I love to paint horses and sometimes combine them in my paintings. Please follow me on Instagram and Face Book as well. You can click on the links below to take you to my pages.

Some of the work I've been doing lately are furniture finishes. I've used the most popular Chalk paint such as Annie Sloane and Fusion. Love them but have recently found a recipe for chalk paint and have been using that to make custom colors for my clients. Will be posting those as well.

Look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you too.

Happy New Year!!

Debra Gayle


 August 2022 

Coming soon!

Shop Nutcracker Ornaments, Equestrian Product line, Floral Product line and various product lines with original artwork.

Artwork on City of Temecula Utility Boxes.



 METALLIC PLASTER by Modern Masters 


Metallic Plaster from Modern Masters was used to create this amazing finish in a circular stairwell.  It is a creamy consistancy that easily blends with tints to create shades and hues that meld into eachother for that one of a kind finish.



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