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More paintings 2018

As promised I am posting new artwork from recent weeks. You can follow on Instagram to see the posts as I finish painting. I'm having fun trying new styles and simplifying my style without losing the feeling. But you be the judge of that. Hope you're enjoying the progress. Let me know what appeals to you and I will paint away. Thanks for checking into my Coloring Book.


 August 2022 

Coming soon!

Shop Nutcracker Ornaments, Equestrian Product line, Floral Product line and various product lines with original artwork.

Artwork on City of Temecula Utility Boxes.



 METALLIC PLASTER by Modern Masters 


Metallic Plaster from Modern Masters was used to create this amazing finish in a circular stairwell.  It is a creamy consistancy that easily blends with tints to create shades and hues that meld into eachother for that one of a kind finish.



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