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Fabulous Faux finishes start with a fabulous product. For this project which was done in 2014, and one of my favorites. My friend Ann Sherman is an amazing artist so when she asked me to work on this project with her I was thrilled. The product we used was Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. A smooth, buttery plaster with a soft metallic sheen. We used several colors and added tints to customize the colors for the client. As you can see the colors gradually get lighter as it descends creating depth and drama. Here is a perfect example of Custom Elegance!


 August 2022 

Coming soon!

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Artwork on City of Temecula Utility Boxes.



 METALLIC PLASTER by Modern Masters 


Metallic Plaster from Modern Masters was used to create this amazing finish in a circular stairwell.  It is a creamy consistancy that easily blends with tints to create shades and hues that meld into eachother for that one of a kind finish.



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